Migraine case study, part 3

2 thoughts on “Migraine case study, part 3”

  1. Thanks for this case study. Understanding how migraines are liable to progress as you age is so important for creating a long-term treatment plan. Glad to hear that urgent care was able to do IV fluids and handle some of the worst of it. Really bad migraines can be one of those situations in which it’s hard to know whether or not to go the ER.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Sometimes it is hard to decide when to go to the ED. If there is vomiting, it makes the decision easier. I think a good rule of thumb is if you are appropriately using your rescue medications and for whatever reason with this migraine, you are not achieving relief after 24-36 hours, then it is perfectly OK to go to the ED. This is not a failure. Sometimes you have a whopper of a migraine, not responsive to meds, and the effectiveness of IV medications can make the difference.


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