Revisiting migraines part 4: adjuvant medications and combination therapies

My last posts have focused on migraine abortives and analgesia for kids with migraine. Here I will continue to review medications and strategies for rescue, focusing on adjuvants and combination medications. These medications are the 3rd leg of the plan which are used to treat migraine. .  There are several medications that are used either … Continue reading Revisiting migraines part 4: adjuvant medications and combination therapies

Headaches and summer

It’s the very end of the school year, summer is fast approaching.  What does that mean for pediatric headache providers?  Hopefully there will be fewer distress calls.  It also means numerous camp medication forms and 504 support letters for the fall. Importantly, there are less hectic days with more time to reflect on the general … Continue reading Headaches and summer

Headache Book Reviews

I am always looking for good resources for patients. I am particularly interested in books/articles which would be helpful for my patients who are ‘aging out’ of pediatric care.  My young adults are getting ready to move on and would benefit from some adult-focused headache reference material.  Some of my kids do need follow up … Continue reading Headache Book Reviews

Psychology and headaches, part 2

In this post, I will continue the conversation with Sarah Nelson, PhD, pain psychologist.  Previously we talked about common psychological issues associated with headache, issues that affect coping and functioning for patients with chronic headache, dealing with resistance to accepting psychological help and barriers to care. What are the best screening measures to use in … Continue reading Psychology and headaches, part 2