YouTube videos on activity pacing

Concussion Accommodations

New Daily Persistent Headache Management Plan

New Daily Persistent Headache

short duration lidocaine abstract

Tension Headache Management Plan

Tension Headache info sheet

Pinky ball Head and Neck exercises

Contraceptive review article:  Sheikh_et_al-2018-Headache__The_Journal_of_Head_and_Face_Pain

Migraine Headache Management Plan

Migraine Headache info sheet

Supplements That Help Headaches

  • American Headache Society
  • Migraine Research Foundation
    • Phone: 212-249-5402
    • Raising money to fund research to discover causes, improve the treatment and find a cure for migraine.

  • National Headache Foundation
    • Phone: 312-274-2650
    • Their mission is to cure headache and to end its pain and suffering, supported by advocacy, awareness, education and research

Helpful Apps



  • for Nasal ketorolac (Sprix)
    • Distributor = Egalet Corporation,
    • to order by ePrescribe, choose Cardinal health in Maryland, mail order option
    • to reach the Sprix Direct Support line, call 1-844-977-7749,
    • Monday-Friday 8a-8p, EST
    • contact the company to receive information cards and instructions sheets on how to administer.
    • sprix instructions





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