Revisiting migraine: supplements

Primary preventive measures to reduce migraine, such as the healthy headache lifestyle, are key to keeping migraine frequency to a minimum. But even though your patient is really working hard with the multidisciplinary approach, your patient is still having frequent migraines which significantly impact their functioning.  When do you consider adding a daily medication to … Continue reading Revisiting migraine: supplements


So it’s been just 1 year since I started this blog, posting regularly every 2 weeks. That was one of my intentions for 2018 and I am so glad I made it happen.  I have learned a lot more about headache management in the process.  I also learned that I do actually know a lot … Continue reading Gratitude

Chronic migraine, what to do?

So your patient has developed chronic migraine, which is defined as 3-4 migraine per week, 15 migraine days per month, and is predictably miserable. Developing chronic migraine does happen in pediatrics, but it happens much more often in older teens and adults.  You’ve done what you could to prevent it from happening: did a course … Continue reading Chronic migraine, what to do?