Revisiting migraine: supplements

Primary preventive measures to reduce migraine, such as the healthy headache lifestyle, are key to keeping migraine frequency to a minimum. But even though your patient is really working hard with the multidisciplinary approach, your patient is still having frequent migraines which significantly impact their functioning.  When do you consider adding a daily medication to … Continue reading Revisiting migraine: supplements

Revisiting migraines part 4: adjuvant medications and combination therapies

My last posts have focused on migraine abortives and analgesia for kids with migraine. Here I will continue to review medications and strategies for rescue, focusing on adjuvants and combination medications. These medications are the 3rd leg of the plan which are used to treat migraine. .  There are several medications that are used either … Continue reading Revisiting migraines part 4: adjuvant medications and combination therapies

Headaches and psychiatric co-morbidities, part 2

In part 1 of this post, pain and psychiatric issues often travel together. Chronic headache pain can lead to long-lasting psychological distress, and depression and anxiety increase the perception of both acute and chronic pain. They are intimately connected. This post will continue the discussion about psychiatric co-morbidities and headache, focusing on psychopharmacology. What is … Continue reading Headaches and psychiatric co-morbidities, part 2

My book is reviewed!

The most recent volume (June 2021) of Pediatric Pain Letter ( contains a review of my book, Getting Ahead of Pediatric Headaches. The review was done by Angelina Koehler, CPNP, a pediatric headache provider at Children’s Hospital of Colorado in Denver. Ms Koehler reviews the book thoroughly, covering the main areas of information presented. This … Continue reading My book is reviewed!